Access Control

An integrated security risk management plan is essential, for residential as well business-related buildings. Effective and structured access control systems must form part of risk management plan. With the technically innovative features, a plethora of access control systems available in the market. Whilst such technology should be embraced, one must make sure that the technology is suitable for intended use.

Access control, at its most basic level, is a system that either enables or prevents people from entering/exiting or contacting. One of the most common access control systems would be intercom system. Intercom phone system is essential for effective communication within the building. For the residential complexes, an intercom system is better for communicating with the building office as well as for the security purpose. Any visitor visiting a certain room can be checked by calling through intercom phone system. It is also essential in offices for maintaining smooth communication and restricting personal calls. It helps maintain decorum and vigilance in the office.

Besides intercom phone systems, the biometric access control system is one another commonly used access control system in offices. Such biometric access control system is ideal for high-security application to ensure that only the people with required clearance can access the highly secured or sensitive areas. The biometric attendance machine marks the timing the employee entered the office. It makes them more concerned about time, thus improves the overall work output. The biometric attendance machine can prevent employee time theft and can improve workforce management. Biometric access control system works by scanning person’s unique features such as fingerprints, hand prints or even eye scan for security clearance.

These access control systems also enhance the security of the employees, building, and assets. It also reduces the overall cost of security management. Building owners and office managers want a security solution that is convenient yet cost-effective. Access control systems such as intercom system, biometric system, and biometric attendance machine are cheaper and better security clearance systems.

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