Enterprise Products

There are various products in the market that can be beneficial for working environment. But the best brand gives the best result. Matrix ETERNITY - The IP-PBX with Seamless Mobility and Universal Connectivity.

Matrix is one brand that is constant in its performance delivery. Matrix has a lot of options to choose from. Matrix PABX system offers a range that is flexible and has set of advanced features to change as per the evolving needs of dynamic businesses.

A Matrix IP-PBX, GSM PBX or a Hybrid IP-PBX with all Analogue, Digital EPABX system, GSM and IP connectivity in a single platform. The Matrix EPABX system provider is an electronic device used in Offices, Hotels, Industries and many other places for voice communication. It is independent and can work without any trunk lines (service providers).

Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX offers a host of advanced hospitality features which can perform most of the hotel tasks such as Check-In, Check-Out, DND, Wake-Up Alarms, Reminders, Print Check-Out reports etc. making it a complete Hotel PBX. The Matrix gateway technology is also commendable and works wonders for the work place.There are various Matrix PABX system dealers in Mumbai and Telelinks is one of them.

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